More Than Just a Studio

By Allan H.

September, 2021

There's a special connection between dancers and the studios where they spend countless hours—even years—developing their craft. That's why colleges that want to attract and nurture the very best talent invest in the very best resources—like top-quality flooring from a trusted manufacturer like Harlequin—to inspire and support their students both mentally and physically.

Check out these college dance studios—and their sweeping views, eye-catching design, and industry-leading Harlequin floors—that are soon to become a home away from home to the class of 2025.

University of Florida

"My favorite dance studio is G6, because not only do we take class there but we also perform for our BFA Showcase. I love seeing G6 transform into a beautiful stage, and being able to perform in one of my favorite spaces."—Elise Gaudry, BFA in Dance

"Many of us, before UF, came from small studios without adequate flooring. Coming to UF and having a safe space has allowed me to be more creative and to dance freely, without fear of injury."—Olivia Hensel, BFA in Dance

University of Arizona

"High-quality sprung floors are essential to ensuring the health, safety, and career longevity for our dancers and faculty. We trust Harlequin with this top priority." -Whitney Herr-Buchholz, Director, Operations and Advancement

"Harlequin is the gold standard for dance floors. When our dancers train in our studios on Harlequin floors, we know we are preparing them to leap onto the world's greatest stages." -Jory Hancock, Director, School of Dance

University of Alabama

Photo by Aidan Nettles, Courtesy University of Alabama

Clark Hall

"The dance studio in Clark Hall is one of the most beautiful spaces on campus. Nicknamed,'The Dance Castle,' due to the incredible cathedral windows, it provides a space where students can reconnect with their own bodies, the community around them, and their surroundings. The memories this studio holds are endless." —Aidan Nettles, Professor of Dance

"The FF 2019 dance studio accommodates technique classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theater, improvisation, and dance academic courses. I like this studio because of its intimacy, natural light, and the floor's versatility and durability to handle the plethora of diverse courses our program offers." —Lawrence M. Jackson, Professor of Dance

Marymount Manhattan College

"The Great Hall at MMC is magical, not just because of its size, but how expansive it feels. It inspires dancers to move beyond their boundaries, and to push the limits of their bodies in space." —Nancy Lushington, Dance Department Chair

"The Great Hall is a second home to me. In it, I have lived many lives and have nurtured so many lives still to live. Tears of satisfaction, defeat, and joy live in that room and burnish the Harlequin floor, indelible marks that keep us returning to satiate an insatiable passion to move." Katie Langan, Fine and Performing Arts Chair

University of Southern California, Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

Austyn Rich (BFA '19)

"The Turquoise studio, on the second floor of the Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center, is the perfect space to take a breath and dance. The natural light continues to pour in through the entire day, offering a view of USC's campus and the USC Village." —Zackery Torres (BFA '21)

"The Ruby studio is my favorite studio space in the Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center. The tall ceilings coupled with the white marley floor and the deep red back wall create such an expansive and inspiring atmosphere. As the sun begins to set in L.A., natural light pours into the space, creating dynamic and awe-inspiring shadows and designs across the entire studio!" —Benjamin Peralta (BFA '22)

"The studios at USC Kaufman are some of the most unique, state of the art, and inviting spaces I have ever danced in. The vast Harlequin flooring allows me to stay grounded, and is the perfect surface for jumping, landing, and pointework in particular. The environment you dance in makes a huge difference, and I feel the USC Kaufman studios have supported my improvement and quality of learning." —Lauren Brophy (BFA '23)

This piece originally appeared in print in Dance Magazine's 2021-2022 College Guide.

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